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Homes for Sale in Southeast LouisvilleLouisville’s Southeast is home to major ongoing growth both in real estate, business, and also culturally. The area roughly from Preston Highway to I-64, and from the Watterson Expressway to the county line, encompasses open land, a major industrial business, and suburban development at the same time. The heart of Louisville’s Southeast is General Electric’s Appliance Park, which opened in the 1950’s and attracted residents to the area. Louisville’s Southeastern neighborhoods are developing rapidly as the Appliance Park is the third largest employer in the State.

The Okolona neighborhood is on the far Western side of the area and follows along Preston Highway. The Okolona neighborhood is a culturally diverse neighborhood, with a growing number of Hispanic residents. Preston Highway has sense had a boom in Hispanic businesses and restaurants including La Tapatia Restaurant, Rosticeria Luna, and La Villa Supermarket. There is also a large Asian population in the Okolona neighborhood, lending itself to many Asian supermarkets, restaurants and specialty shops like Kan Acupuncture Clinic.

The Fern Creek neighborhood is located 12 miles Southeast of Downtown Louisville and was originally called “Stringtown” for it’s location along the Louisville-Bardstown Pike. With all the recent development, many new restaurants have come to the Fern Creek neighborhood. Aspen Creek, Bootleg Barbeque, Sake Blue, and Sugar and Spice Donut Shop are among the most popular. Fern Creek is a great neighborhood for growing families. With three parks nearby, McNeely Lake Park, Highview Park, and Fern Creek Park, there is always a way to stay active. Fern Creek Park has seven baseball fields, four tennis courts, hiking trails, playgrounds, picnic tables, and over 30 acres of public land.

Jeffersontown, Kentucky is the second largest city in Jefferson County. Originally a close knit community of dirt roads and mom and pop shops, Jeffersontown was established in the mid 1700’s and was filled with stonecutters, saddlers, and craftsmen. Just like in it’s early years, Jeffersontown remains a tight-knit community. The annual Gaslight Festival began in 1969 and has since become the fifth largest festival in the area. A balloon glow, 5k run, parade, live entertainment, and over 140 booths are all part of the festival. Sake Blue Japanese Restaurant, Joe’s Ok Bayou, Thai Orchids, and Sugar and Spice Donut Shop are all excellent choices for a night out to dinner, or a treat after your meal.

Homes in Louisville’s Southeast vary in price and style depending on the neighborhood. There are older neighborhoods and there is a lot of new development in Louisville’s Southeast. Because of the affordable land, and availability, this area is an excellent option for homebuyers looking for new construction or looking to build a custom home.

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