How's The Louisville Market?

Real Estate is local. What does that phrase mean? Basically every area is different - what's happening in one area of a given city can be vastly different from the market only a few miles away. In addition a Market can be described as a city, neighborhood or even a specific street. It could mean luxury estates or starter homes.

Below are links to market data for Single Family Homes and Condo's in Eastern Jefferson County and for the overall Louisville area. Clicking a link below will provide you with a 7 day snapshot of the latest activity going on in the market and additonally other trends over the previous 9 months.

  • Highlands - Butchertown 40204
  • Highlands - Germantown 40205
  • Crescent Hill - Clifton 40206
  • St. Matthews - Brownsboro Rd 40207
  • Lake Forest - Eastern Jefferson County 40245
  • Jeffersontown - South Eastern Jefferson County 40299

If you are interested in the market trends for condos by area, click on the appropriate link below.

  • Condos/Patio HomesLouisville City Wide
  • Condos/Patio HomesHighlands - Butchertown 40204
  • Condos/Patio HomesHighlands - Germantown 40205
  • Condos/Patio HomesCrescent Hill - Clifton 40206
  • Condos/Patio HomesSt. Matthews - Brownsboro Rd 40207
  • Condos/Patio HomesLake Forest - Eastern Jefferson County 40245
  • Condos/Patio Homes: Jeffersontown - South Eastern Jefferson County 40299